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At Loveridge Digital, we go beyond creating upbeat, catchy copy, posting funny gifs, and using hashtags. Why? Because social media marketing is so much more than that. The old “spray and pray” attitude in social media marketing simply doesn’t work. At Loveridge Digital, we do everything by the number. We measure, collect and analyse data, glean insights, and give recommendations to guide your social media marketing decisions.

When You Don’t Track Social Media…

You waste time by guessing the why, what and how. Instead of collecting data to inform your decisions and strategies, you waste money and resources. You also end up losing opportunities to reach, connect, and engage with your audience. This can end up hurting your brand, as you fail to communicate with your audience. You don’t know what they want. You don’t know their pain points, so you can’t give them what they need. As a result, you lose followers, or they lose interest in your social posts altogether. This defeats the purpose of having a brand on social media, and it can seriously affect your bottom line. Which is precisely why you need to adopt a data-driven approach to social media marketing.

Data Can Reveal So Much About Your Audience.

With data, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not. You have hard facts and information telling you which channels work and are worth investing in. For example, Facebook data would reveal basic demographic information about your users, such as age, income, the types of content they consume, what times and days of the week they are active, etc. By leveraging data analytics, you can create precise, targeted content for your audience to get them to do what you want – whether it’s to sign up for your email list, buy your product, or visit your store. So start tracking and analysing data.

Explore The Advantages Of Data-Driven Social Media Marketing

  • Identify the right personas and audience: Personas are the fictional representations of the various personalities comprising your target audience. By knowing who they are and what they need, you can create more meaningful, engaging content. Even organic social media conversations can give you clues regarding the various tastes, mindsets, and opinions of different consumer groupings. You can use such insights to customise marketing messages, programming, and sales content.
  • Use the right social media platforms: Not all social media platforms are created equal – one social media site might be more suitable for promoting one type of business over another. If you have updated data on different social media platforms and the kind of users they have, you can make better, informed decisions when investing in particular social media sites to better target your audience.
  • Spot trends: By monitoring social media conversations, you can spot trends well in advance. You can then lead the wave or prepare to ride the wave to effectively capitalise on the trend.
  • Improve social campaigns: By using the results of data-based analytics, you can improve your social media campaigns by using the right keywords, creating custom content for repeat business, and tracking campaign results to check if your social media efforts are working.
  • Optimise content: Through the application of content programming, you can gain valuable insights into which content resonates with consumers and the way they respond to it. You can then focus on providing content that they like, or modify and optimise content to achieve your objectives.
  • Effectively benchmark yourself against competitors: Data collection should include information on competitor marketing strategies. However, simply collecting data is not enough. Your data should tell you how you rank against your competitors, which types of campaigns work in your industry, who the key industry influencers are, and what opportunities are open for you to use.

Harness The Power Of Social Media Marketing

With Loveridge Digital as your social media marketing partner, you won’t be shooting blindly in the dark.
We’ll change the way you approach and use data to make better decisions and achieve results.

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