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In advertising circles, ‘Storytelling’ is a very broad word. Everybody is informed that storytelling is the secret to expressing an excellent marketing message and connecting with your clients, irrespective of what market you work in or whether your organization is B2C or B2B.

 Telling stories is a far more productive way to reach individuals and get the point through than yelling to your target market assertions or statistics and figures. In addition, if it has been expressed in a descriptive way that is suitable for individuals to recall while speaking about your company, service or product, your messaging is more likely to be recalled.
You may feel that storytelling is restricted to large online marketers, however it is not, regardless of the nature, Storytelling must be used in any production and I will show you why!

#1 Differentiates your organisation from the crowd:
Many companies have rivals without any noticeable USPs who deliver a somewhat similar good or service. Companies also rely on providing value in other ways to distinguish oneself, such as excellent customer service, a likable attitude or an inseparable purchase. In the traditional visual manner, this could be complicated and challenging to do and one way you really can stick out through the crowd is to produce a beautiful video with a narrative emphasis but in a far more creative manner, such as producing content that stands out and demonstrates certain value-adding attributes that are difficult to express in other formats, you can still convey your core message.

#2 Engages your audience:
Infinitely more engaging are videos that use narrative than those who do not. Stories connect with your audience; expressing feelings, presenting material that your audience may relate with or strive to, catching and appealing to their interest and creativity on a conscious level. As audiences are much more interested in watching the video right to the end and then reacting to whatever call-to-action is put at the end.

# 3 Increases reach
Stories have historically been transmitted from generation to generation, and this is just another vital benefit of using storylines in your material if it tells a story, viewers are more inclined to share your footage with everyone. A promo video that merely shows spectators’ statements does not contribute itself to sharing. But it’s much more convincing to have a video that uses straightforward narration to tell the audience who you are and how you can support them and this is something that people may want to share with their friends.

#4 It Makes it memorable:
As individuals remember things from moving pictures for far longer than words, videos already give an edge over textual material. But if you’d like to provide your videos with durability in the eyes of your fans, narrative is the perfect method to employ and use. It’s no surprise that many memory enhancing tools revolve around telling stories, such as memorizing a grocery list by making a ridiculous story about each product. Using this in reality, we will then be able to create a video using a simple story that conveys a strong core message that is bound to excite the viewer.

Using storytelling in your video does not mean you need to create the next Aldi Christmas ad, it just implies you have to define a clear narrative that transmits your message in such a way that your intended audience can recognize, connect with and execute on.
So, how can you come up with a solid storyline? Lots of work, sadly!
Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video I hope you found it both informative and engaging
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