The benefits of Logo Idents

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Its Josh here from Loveridge Designs, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Designs” We are going to cover Logo Idents and why they are essential for your business

The value of creating a professional logo for your organization is obvious to most business owners. It makes consumers remember the brand and also acts as the company’s “face.” Logos have also changed as marketing has changed to satisfy changing technology and customer habits.
Here are 3 reasons why a logo ident is essential for your business

1. Animated Logos Hold Viewers Attention
Consumers’ communication preferences are trending toward instant gratification. You are already ahead of the curve if your business is using video content. Brands who promote video have more success driving website conversions than those that do not. If video content can catch customer attention, imagine how adding an animated version of your logo to that content would improve your entire project, by using animated logos in your videos you are bringing this concept to the next level.

2. Animated Logos Increase Brand Awareness
One of the most important functions of a logo is to create and promote brand awareness. This is one of the main reasons why companies choose to invest in an animated logo. Animated logos are more recognizable to consumers than static logos.

3. Animated Logos Make for Better Storytelling
The narratives that are generated in video content are important tools for building consumer emotional connections. You interrupt the narrative and break the emotional bond when you choose to use a static logo for your business. The use of an animated logo offers the seamless feel desired by viewers.

Consumers are actually viewing more video content online than TV and this trend is only becoming more pronounced.

 businesses need to adapt to this behaviour as customers increasingly prefer to view content online over television. The difference between your businesses growth may mean investing in video content as well as an animated logo. The choice seems simple with this in mind.

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video, I hope you found it both informative and engaging.
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