The Rule of Thirds

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Its Josh here from Loveridge Designs, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Designs” We are going to cover the rule of thirds.

The Rule of Thirds, using two horizontal and two vertical lines, is the method of dividing a picture into thirds. Nine segments with four intersection points yield this hypothetical array. Imagine a tic-tac – toe frame, two vertical and two horizontal lines going.
You create a far more appealing image when you place the most key components of your frame at these intersection points. It is also recommended to position every horizon on either the upper horizontal line or the lower line.
Composing images that are off center are appealing to the eye because it’s usually where the eyes first go. It also allows viewers the ability to connect with the space between them when there is a subject or object that is placed off center as compared to a fully centered object, this allows for understanding and conversation between the subject and the focal point of the frame.
Probably the most well-known and widely used photographic and cinematographic methodology is this compositional law. The rule offers a robust framework for framing your scenes and a perfect starting point for learners who are hoping to sink their teeth into the many composition rules.

In order to engage viewers and focus their eyes, the cameras framing is manipulated and is particularly responsible to draw their eye.
The greatest moments in film are those whose composition represents the story they tell, and with deliberate subject and object positioning, the emotion and suspense of any given scene is intensified.

Breaking the rule may also be effective if the authorial intent strikes a chord with the methodology employed in the content. Center framing can produce suspense and comic relief, as well as help audiences make sense of the world of the characters.

You could always break the rule, but ensure your decision is dictated by a firm understanding of the definition of rules, and by what is most advantageous to the shot and overall plot you are trying to convey . Try and apply the rule next time you are taking a video or photo with your freinds!
With careful planning and consideration the rule of thirds can be used to create stunning,engaging & enjoyable videos,

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video I hope you found it both informative and engaging
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