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Its Josh here from Loveridge Designs, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Designs” We are going to cover what voice overs are and why they are beneficial for your videos!

Voice-overs are a production process in which a voice is used during a creation that is not part of the plot. The voice-over is read from a script and is generally delivered by someone from the sequence who does not appear. Normally, the voice-over would narrate the video’s main message to allow viewers to absorb the information more easily.

Benefit # 1. They Convey Emotion and give the Human Touch
In a video, only skilled voice talent can make you feel joy, empathy or anticipation. The voice sets the piece ‘s basic tone and brings to the tale a human connection. Trained voice actors know exactly how to bring to the story the correct highs-and-lows, pauses and rhythm, so they can always lead the viewer the correct way from an emotional point of view.

2. They give Personality to your content
Boring and expressionless voices do not represent the best way for any company, because instead of increasing confidence and reputation with the audience, they appear to drive people away. Especially in comparison to those who do not use a voice over, a professional voice actor adds a great presence and can make the video stand out every single time.

3. They boost production Quality
We often argue that success makes the difference between a successful and a non-successful video.
A video is a medium that can portray a business online anywhere, so it is not possible to disregard quality, the same goes for VO’s.

Getting the proper equipment really makes the difference here between professional video and an amateur one (from cameras, recording studios and music producers).
Similarly, it is easy to discern the distinction between an amateur and a professional voice. The voice of a novice will make you feel unsure about the brand and it will make you feel uneasy.

4. They provide Credibility
Potential clients have to believe the accuracy of voice over delivery. Which is why a natural voice is the best option to make them feel more relaxed and open to the message (from the same nation of the intended audience). A non-native voice-over will sound kind of strange to the native ear (whether it is professional or not) and create distrust for your company.

While there are many pitfalls in the Voice Over process it is a key tool that should not be overlooked when considering your next video production.

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video I hope you found it both informative and engaging
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