What are drone videos?

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It’s Josh here from Loveridge Digital, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Digital” we are going to cover what drone videos are and why they are useful in your projects!

To begin it’s very important to define what actually is a “drone”? Well a drone is a UAV also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle essentially in layman’s terms it means that there is no actual pilot contained within the hull of the vehicle when it is flying and is operated from a separate location using a remote control.

Orginally drones were created for use within the military space and continue to be used in the military sector today but after their conception many great innovators seen the potential for their use in other areas such as video production. Typically a drone when referred to in a video production context refers to a UAV with a camera affixed to the drone, this enables the operator of the drone to remotely capture footage which otherwise would not be possible, Typically drones are used for real estate videography and landscape videography as it allows vast areas to be captured from a bird’s eye view and allow us as the creators to convey many messages to the viewer of the piece, they are also particularly useful when used to give context to a setting which allows for greater immersion for the viewer.

As you can probably imagine drones give video production specialist a vast variety of shot types that they now can create but it is important to note that not everyone can use a drone, To legally fly a drone you need to do rigorous training and obtain certification in the country of the drone operation, this certification is vital to ensure no ones privacy is infringed upon and the drone is operated safely.

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video, I hope you found it informative and engaging, until next time.

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