What is Blocking?

Hello Everyone,

It’s Josh here from Loveridge Digital, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Digital” we are going to cover what blocking a scene is!

Imagine this, you arrive fresh on set for a days shooting and once you get there you suddenly realize that you don’t know where you will be standing or the composition of the frame and how you will move in the piece, sure you have the shot list and storyboard as a reference but they can be hard to conceptualize into the actual location you are shooting in. This is where blocking a scene comes in!

Any production team worth their salt will run through blocking out a scene before filming, essentially blocking is the process of the director deciding and finalizing where the actors will stand within frame and how they will navigate the frame, he will also communicate with the camera operator to ensure everyone knows where they are going and what they are doing, Often times there will be dry runs completed to allow the actors that little bit extra practice they may need, this ensures that once filming does start the scene can be completed in less takes with a higher quality performance which often results in not only a better end product but also a smoother production for all involved.

When taking part in your next production be sure to include some time on shoot day for blocking each scene, trust me there is nothing worse than arriving on shoot day only to see everyone fumbling about and scratching their heads because no one knows where they will be!

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video, I hope you found it informative and engaging, until next time.

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