What is chroma keying?

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It’s Josh here from Loveridge Digital, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Digital” we are going to what chroma keying is!

Before we jump into the video it’s important to understand what chroma keying actually is and understand a few key terms that get thrown about when referring to chroma keying.

Chroma keying is the process of layering digital assets based on color hues, the name chroma comes from the fact that every color has a chroma range. Chroma keying is typically used in the video production space to enable a post-production team to digitally replace a background or scene and give them much more flexibility in post-production.

Now when talking about chroma keying you would probably be more familiar with the term “Green screening”, This term is often misunderstood for chroma keying when it actually refers to the green material that is used as a backdrop when chroma keying, Green screens are used as they don’t match any natural skin tones or hair colors, meaning no part of an actor will be chroma keyed out when removing the background which makes post-production much easier. Occasionally an actor will be wearing green within the scene and in this case a blue screen is often utilized.

Chroma keying is an advanced post-production technique that can breathe life into an otherwise dull project it also can help cut down on production costs massively in some instances, It is often much easier to create a digital set and then replace a green-screened background rather than having all the technicalities of building a real set for the shoot day. While Chroma keying is not the be-all end all of post-production techniques it is another tool in a quality production team’s toolbox to enable them to bring your vision to fruition.

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video, I hope you found it informative and engaging, until next time.

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