What is Framing & Composition?

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Its Josh here from Loveridge Designs, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Designs” We are going to cover framing and composition

To describe the process of creating a composition a term called framing is used. Put simply, making a composition or composing an image implies organizing elements within it in a way that fits your project’s core concept or purpose.
You should always concentrate on composition before anything else during the scene creation process. Instead of aiming your camera at a subject and just hit record , you need to actually think and compose an image.

Today I will discuss the three main types of shots used in the content creation process but be aware that there is lots of subtypes-

1- Full Shot – A full shot, also known as a wide shot, will illustrate the mass of the entire subject from top to bottom. It is used to offer a subjects surroundings meaning. For instance, imagine a scene where an individual is stood on a sidewalk outside, with that data we can see how they relate physically to their environment. Often, full shots are used as establishing shots. An establishing shot, also known as the scene-setting, shows you where the plot takes place.
2 – Medium Shot – A medium shot shows the subject from center mass up. Generally used when a person conveys information, it is helpful and it also allows you to see them engaging with their surroundings. The setting has already been created in previous shots, while using a medium shot more focus is put on the subject itself.

3- Close Shot – A close shot, also called a close up, focuses on the subject’s focal point such as a face . Generally a close up will have the subjects focal point filling most of the frame. This kind of shot emphasizes the focus of the frame in order to help express the emotion in a narrative. You will get what ‘s called an extreme close-up if you zoom in any further. A shot of the eyes or mouth of a person , for instance, will illustrate and highlight an emotion at an significant moment.

These 3 shot types are the base from which all sub shot types are made from, There are hundreds of types of framing techniques which can be explored and added to any content creators toolbelt but a strong understanding of the core concepts is key to the success of any project!

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video i hope you found it both informative and engaging !
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