What is Ingest?

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Its Josh here from Loveridge Designs, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Designs” We are going to cover ingest.

In media creation, ingest literally means introducing new elements of the software into a workshop or production house. Ingest can take the form of traditional video, multimedia data or data streams that are compressed. The content is normally stored on a server and transmitted from a hard disk such as an SSD or SD card that is configured for the medium.

Digital files are typically the most secure source of ingested content for a compatible server as video installations move more towards the IT-based infrastructure. Ingested media elements can be easily converted into accessible digital media resources once they are attached in the form of a file and with suitable metadata included

There have been various types of applications that are presently being used to ingest information in the media industry, including but not limited to:

  • Final Cut Studio
  • SL NEO server
  • The Harmonic Spectrum X
  • (Advanced Media Server System)
  • Dalet Brio Servers
  • Metus Ingest
  • Red Giant Shooter suite
  • The Abode suite

It is also popular for an additional layer to be added to the ingest process with the use of 4k media assets being the norm in our regular feed of media content. This layer would consist of creating “proxied” copies of the files, which in turn allows for a quicker post-production process. Proxy editing, also known as offline editing, is a post-production technique used to compressed version of large files which in turn are then swapped out at render time to not only enjoy the full quality of the piece but the quick editing times compared to working with raw data.

While the ingestion of files may not seem like the most important element in your production it can cause massive bottlenecks during the post-production process and if done wrong it can even result in data loss!
With careful consideration and planning, even the smallest of productions can benefit from having a structured ingest process

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video i hope you found it both informative and engaging !
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