What is the Loveridge Digital Video Editing Process?

Hello Everyone,

Hello Everyone,

Its Josh here from Loveridge Digital, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Digital” We are going to cover our general post-production process.

Post-production is a mystery even for many industry veterans, so when first-time editors face post, they are often daunted and many give up.

At Loveridge Digital we utilize a 6 stage post-production process that ensures our projects are not only streamlined but extremely high quality.

The first step in our process is Ingest.
We begin by taking the footage from our various recording mediums and ingest it into workable files, this includes the process of making proxies and backups.
The same is done with audio files, which are also synced to the footage during the ingest process this ensures a smoother process in the next few stages. Once the ingest process is completed we move onto the editorial stage, the footage will be organized into scene bins within our software package ready for our senior editors to begin their work.

The Editorial team will collaborate together to complete the numerous stages of the editorial process to form a rough cut which consists of a rough timeline of events with placeholder elements where motion graphics or VFX may be introduced in the later stages, This cut is then moved to the next stage of our process which is “Initial Feedback”, This step consists of a review with all key members of the project, During this review any issues are resolved and tweaks are made to ensure all parties are satisified and that the project is staying in line with the initial goals of the project.

Once this is approved and completed we move onto our next stage which is the polish stage, during this stage all elements such as the motion graphics or visual effects are created and implemented within the piece along with the various finishing editorial stages such as the color correction & grading processes.

Upon completion of the Polish stage we then move into our second last stage which is the Sound phase, during the Sound Phase various processes such as Mixing, ADR & Sound Design are all completed and brought together into the final piece. The entire team then does one final review before moving onto our final stage which is the “Final review and handover stage”during this stage we review the final piece with our clients and address any concerns or additions to the project, Once all parties are satisfied, The project is delivered in the agreed-upon format which is usually .MP4 or .ProRes.

The post-production journey is a long one. It’s longer than production and it takes planning for it to run smoothly. There are a lot of moving parts and schedules that have to be synchronized. We think ahead and we plan for post just as we plan for production. One last thing: We also create numerous backups throughout each stage.
Trust me. Anything can happen and we invest too much blood, sweat, and tears, to lose it all in one freak accident.

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video I hope you found it both informative and engaging! Until next time!

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