What is Visual Salience?

Hello Everyone,

It’s Josh here from Loveridge Digital, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Digital” we are going to cover Visual salience.

Straight off the bat, you might be wondering to yourself what is visual salience & why does it matter and that is a great question as you experience Visual salience every single day of your life.
Visual salience is essentially the process of our brains drawing our eyes to a certain point when we look at an image or a subject, this makes some items in the world stand out from their environment and immediately capture our attention.

A quick example of Visual salience would be as follows, imagine that you are looking at a crowd full of people all wearing black and then in the middle of the crowd you see someone wearing a red hat, immediately your eye would be drawn to this person as they stick out like a sore thumb as the old saying goes.

Visual salience is used in all forms of business especially the advertising space as ultimately the goal is to grab your attention and if using subtle subconscious tricks to lure you in gives a business an edge, I can guarantee they will do it!

From a video perspective, Visual salience allows us greater control of how the viewer digests the story we are trying to tell. It allows us to lure our viewers in and focus them on certain items within the frame, It can also be used to misguide the viewer if that is the intention and create a “Red herring” of sort allowing the director to provide an even bigger payoff when the true plot is revealed!

Creatives of all types have utilized Visual salience for hundreds of years to make their creations grab your attention and immerse you in them so next time you are looking at a video be sure to look out and see if you can notice the phenomenon while it’s happening!

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video, I hope you found it informative and engaging, until next time.

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