Why does lighting matter in video production?

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Its Josh here from Loveridge Digital, this week on “Getting into it with Loveridge Digital” we are going to cover why lighting is so important in video production.

There are many aspects involved in creating a visually aesthetic and effective video or film. Lighting is one of the key factors involved in effective cinematography, and understanding the principles behind it can assist in ensuring high-quality results from whatever content is being created.

Why Is Lighting So Important?
Lighting is pivotal in video because cameras do not react to lights in the same way that the human eye does. The finite detail and lighting contrasts a human eye can see are incredibly developed, and cameras cannot process or pick up on this as well. Additional lighting is necessary to make the scene comparable quality to what the human eye sees naturally. The correct lighting can determine the mood of a scene and can even evoke a certain emotion.

There are various aspects we consider when approaching a project. Considerations such as location, usage of ambient light, changing conditions, shadows and natural light all play their part in affecting a shot. An ideal starting point when setting up lighting for any shot is a key light, fill light and backlight.
A key light is the primary light of a scene and the purpose of a key light is to highlight the form and dimension of the subject.It is usually located in front of the subject.Where as a fill light is a light source used to fill in shadows caused by the other lights used in the scene without creating harsh shadows of its own. This is why a fill light should always be diffused.
A backlight is a light which is placed at strategic angles to an object, person, or scene to produce such effects as depth or separation of subject and background.

In saying that though an understanding of the space you are working with is vital to ensure the lighting set up and placement is fitting with the environment. This requires a certain amount of time in planning. Various situations will require different lighting, the natural light available in a scene is one of the most important elements we consider as it gives us the building blocks to adjusting the setup to create a fitting and appropriate light combination.

Although at times, the planning and implementation involved in projects can seem unnecessarily long and complicated, it is beneficial in the long run. The more time spent ensuring the lighting is right first time around will mean less time in the editing room. The quality of shot and overall appearance of your video will be heavily impaired if the lighting is not right, or does not compare to the other elements in the project, On a set, lighting can be the most time consuming, and at times, frustrating element, but it is worth giving it the suitable consideration – remember making changes during filming will always be easier and less expensive than in post-production.

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